Birthed out of an idea to service fellow musicians, Ansirku has developed into a dedicated, freelancing entity, that caters to the needs of both music and audio post production.

From recording music, to editing dialogue, to creating sound effects, to mixing feature films, Ansirku strives to get its clients a high fidelity product at an affordable rate.

Ansirku is more than just a service. Ansirku is a dream, and a passion for all things sound.


About Keith Ukrisna:

Keith (above) is the driving force behind Ansirku, and currently the second engineer at Sonic Fuel Studios, a film composers' facility in El Segundo, CA built by composers Christopher Lennertz and Timothy Michael Wynn, where the music for films such as "Identity Thief," "Thanks For Sharing," and "Battle of the Year," was recorded and/or mixed.

A native New Yorker, Keith has interned at post production facilities since 2005, ranging from the Creative Technology Lab at the Royal Academy of Music in London during 2009, to 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles during 2010.

In addition to his duties at Sonic Fuel, Keith edits sound and mixes independent features, documentaries, pilots, shorts, and web series. He also records and mixes music on a regular basis, trying to keep his feet firmly planted in as many areas of sound as possible.

Always striving to improve his potential, Keith offers devotion and passion for music and sound, and the willingness to work as much as he can on anything.